Watch the State of Missoula - Breaking Down Workforce Barriers

Initiative Updates

  • Encourage businesses to begin workplace discussions surrounding behavioral health issues and impacts.  Encourage requests for expert team attendance and facilitation to begin/change the conversation with employees.    
  • Identify business leaders that can work with behavioral health experts and the business community.  Goal is deployment of expert teams into the workplace to facilitate difficult conversations and discuss successes/hurdles to resolving behavioral health issues.    
  • Explore expanded space and locations for the 4th D North Club that includes sufficient space for parking and is centrally located. 

Breaking Down Workforce Barriers

The 2019 State of Missoula Luncheon was January 23, 2019. The theme and panel focus on addiction concerns impacting our workforce and community. Speakers at this event will include:

  • MT State Attorney General Tim Fox
  • Dean Christensen, Missoula Police Department
  • Levi Bessette, Addiction Recovery Advocate

The Missoula Area Chamber of Commerce has taken up the Addiction Initiative in response to the combination of the growing substance abuse and lack of resources for community members in recovery from addiction.

We need your input! 

We are seeking business and community members to create an Addiction Initiative Task Force. If you would like to get involved in this initiative, please contact Kimberly Hannon at the Chamber.