The Missoula Area Chamber of Commerce is spearheading a child care initiative to understand the need for our workforce to have access to quality, affordable child care in the Missoula area.  If you would like to be involved in this initiative, please contact Kimberly Hannon at the Chamber.

Child Care Survey Results

Initiative Updates:

Summer 2019: Federal Reserve Article on childcare initiative   

Fall 2018: The Missoula Area Chamber of Commerce hosted 18 of the largest employers in Missoula. The meeting confirmed the need for access to quality, affordable child care in Missoula to assist with the continuation or return to work of their employees. This meeting generated great interest that led to follow up meetings between the Chamber and individual businesses. From the individual meetings came several viable options for the creation of the below child care models:

Model #1

  • The Patagonia Model: The creation of a child care facility that is housed within the business for their employees.

Model #2

  • A large 240 capacity child care facility proposed at an existing child care location has morphed into potentially a campus for a single larger employer.

Model #3

  • Collaboration between two or more businesses that are open to combining efforts to create a child care facility for their sector of town.

Model #4

  • Utilize vacant school buildings as child care facilities

Model #5

  • Incorporating a child care center in current development projects.

Model #6

  • Child care center located in a shopping center.

Model 7

  • MyVillage collaboration - Currently under discussion

Child Care Initiative Task Force