Leaders need to understand how their own brain and how the brain of others work.  The circuitry for knowing yourself is so similar to that of knowing others, there is a good chance that leaders who are not self-aware make mistakes about themselves and others.

If you understand the neuroscience and plasticity of the brain, you have a better chance of modifying even the most entrenched behaviors in yourself and others.  Find out why the world’s largest corporations are teaching their managers to understand the brain at work. It may be the most valuable time your brain spends developing this year.

This seminar will explore the neuroscience behind effective leadership strategies:  it outlines how to apply communication, engagement and stress reduction techniques based on the newest neuroscience research to improve employee performance.


Suppressing emotion doesn’t work.  It impairs your memory of the event and it takes a lot of energy.

Human greatness cannot be bought or controlled.  It can only be invited.


Jill Farnsworth

Jill Farnsworth is a PhD candidate in neuroscience at UM and a member of the UM Graduate and Professional Student Associations (GPSA) leadership team. She has joined Glacier HR Services to present seminars on Neuroscience and Performance. Her passion in neuroscience is rooted in the long-standing questions: "what makes us, us?" She is driven to explore the biological underpinnings of our experiences and how they can be modulated.

Genevieve Lind

Genevieve Lind received her doctorate in Neuroscience in 2017 from the University of Montana where she studied the cellular and molecular basis of learning and memory. Genevieve is currently serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA with Blackstone LaunchPad-University of Montana, a resource for the UM community designed to introduce entrepreneurship as a viable career path. She has joined GHRS to present seminars on Neuroscience and Performance. Genevieve's passion is science communication.

Bob Marsenich

Bob Marsenich is the owner of Glacier HR Services, where he presents seminars to numerous companies on a variety of topics. His passion is to develop leaders for peak performance.