Current Issues


The Missoula Cemetery board is recently pursued a plan to begin creating and selling cemetery monuments. This plan would directly compete with monument dealers in the private sector. The Chamber is opposed to government entities taking over services currently being served by private business. The Chamber submitted a letter in support of our members in this industry and asked the city to reconsider the current plan. You can read the letter submitted to the city Here.


The City of Missoula is considering narrowing 5th and 6th streets from their current 2-lane configuration to 1-lane with a "buffered" bike lane. The Chamber has taken a position to oppose this proposal. It is important for commerce to keep traffic moving and 5th and 6th streets are important corridors for moving products, workers and customers across town. Removing lanes could slow traffic and make transportation logistics more difficult for businesses in that area of the city.

University 6-Mill Levy

The University system in Montana is partially funded by a dedicated 6-Mill levy. That levy is up for renewal in the November 2018 elections. The Chamber supports continued passage of this levy to ensure our University continues to be funded at appropriate levels. The University of Montana is important for our community and for businesses looking for an educated and well-trained workforce. 

Brooks Street Corridor Plan

The Brooks Street Corridor is a growing economic center for Missoula. City Council released a report with proposals for changes to zoning and statute changes for the corridor. The Chamber is monitoring the progress of these proposals and will keep membership informed as issues come forward. 

Request Advocacy Support

If you have questions about a government policy/regulation or if there is an issue you feel the Chamber should be involved with through advocacy efforts or educating our membership, contact the Chamber's Director of Government Affairs, Clint Burson

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  • Ward 1 - Bryan von Lossberg
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  • Sen. Steve Daines
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House of Representatives

  • Rep. Greg Gianforte

Past Chamber Positions

Sign Ordinance

Businesses have long relied on signs to market their goods and services.  Today, electronic signs with lighted dynamic displays have seen increasing use in our community.  In 2009, the City of Missoula passed an ordinance regulating electronic sign displays.  This ordinance carries specific prohibitions of certain types of signs and displays, as well as zoning restrictions and other regulations.  The Missoula Area Chamber of Commerce has since taken a leading role in informing local businesses of the contents of the sign ordinance, as well as in encouraging and assisting in compliance.
The Missoula Chamber will continue to monitor any potential changes to the City sign ordinance and to provide compliance-related information.   


On June 8, 2016, the Chamber issued a statement encouraging city decision makers to approve the necessary permits to allow development of the Mercantile site to proceed. The City Council voted to approve the deconstruction of the Mercantile, beginning with remediation of asbestos.   The Missoula Historic Preservation Commission has appealed the permit in district court. 

Update: The court ruled in favor of the city and the developers and deconstruction of the old Mercantile building has begun. Once recyclable/reusable materials have been removed from the building, demolition will begin with only the old pharmacy section remaining. The new building will incorporate the pharmacy section and new sections have been design to pay homage to the original design of the building.

Missoula College

The Missoula Area Chamber of Commerce supported funding for the current Missoula College location along East Broadway. The modern campus ensures tomorrow"s workforce will be learning in the best environment possible - benefiting the students as well as the community as a whole. The Chamber lobbied on behalf of the college to ensure funding was allocated and legislation directing the new campus to be built was supported.